Coming Soon…

Have you considered reading through the Bible in 12 or 18 months? It’s not difficult to do and requires only 20 or so minutes a day, five days a week. I’ve done it more than two dozen times and am at it again, this time in the chronological Bible. I would love to take the journey with you in 2018, so I have been writing for several months now in anticipation of a group study. Care to join me? There are two ways you can be involved… 1) You can read the chapters indicated and the “Insights” I am writing for each group of chapters; 2) You can read the chapters indicated along with the Insights in a given week and then join our study group on Wednesday of the next week to review and discuss our readings. I think it’s going to be a great year! Hope you are aboard. And now here is a ‘teaser’ just for today, not related to anything in particular; but maybe it will be a blessing. Stay tuned…

Intimacy” could just as well be rendered “into-me-see.” Intimacy, whether with your spouse, a friend, or the Lord Himself, is based on self-disclosure. God took the initiative, revealing Himself through His eternal Word and especially through the Lord Jesus, who held nothing back, laying down His life for us. Sending the Holy Spirit to us, Jesus made it clear that the Spirit reveals everything about the Lord to us as we live in relationship with Him. Want to know Jesus better? Then let Him know you better! Tell Him everything about you; don’t hold anything back, because He kind of knows anyway. “Into-me-see” is you disclosing yourself to Him. If you regularly practice this kind of relationship with Jesus, you will find it easier to do it with someone else–especially someone with whom you desire greater intimacy. It’s also a good idea to keep track of your progress in a journal of some sorts. You can always look back and realize the Holy Spirit was working mightily in you!

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