INSIGHTS with Pastor Ray is about getting to know God through the Bible, His living words. Timeless in its content and meanings, the Bible is a collection of writings from over forty different authors spanning an era of some sixteen hundred years. That makes it a virtual library of books inspired by the Holy Spirit who moved on all these individuals to record God’s words and works throughout human history.

In developing INSIGHTS it was in my heart to read through the Bible again in 2018 and to invite others to read with me. My comments are intended to encourage spiritual growth and a faith in God which cannot be extinguished in a post-christian culture. By following a chronological format we encounter biblical history (His-story) more or less as it unfolded in real time.

Thanks for following, even though it means being committed to a long term project. May you be rewarded with insights which strengthen your daily living with spiritual power and a sense of God’s love for you.